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3. The Focus

Things OzEA is currently focused on / 2do lists.

[Thursday 21th Feb, 2013]

OzEA ticks along around the edges.

As off August 2011 OzEA stopping being a full time project out of Adelaide Uni. I'm now working on renewables part time out of CDU in Darwin, with some developing cross-over into OzEA. Expect more activity here into 2013, including a Forth Story around solar-PV.

In short, the current focus has moved to solar-PV and its integration.

Prospective students (PhD, Masters and honours) are encouraged to make enquiries. CDU encourages me to supervise, and there is scope to co-supervise across institutions. Plenty of projects for people with quantitative skills and an interest in renewable integration.

Soon, I'll update the following data pages: Electricity Price and Electricity Demand; and this analysis page: Electricity Market Analysis, Price, Demand and Value.

Additionally, the Solar Irradiance Data page needs a tidy up, and is in focus enough to warrant doing so.

Ongoing thinking and Outstanding Issues

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